Cinema Tour USA

The cinema tour dates are updated regularly

Lock Haven, PA

Price Performaning Arts Center

November 20, 6 pm

Loganton, PA

Sugar Valley Historical Society

November 9, 1pm
*** in honor of International Education Week

Hamburg, PA

Hamburg Strand Theater

Kutztown, PA

Kutztown Strand Theater

Sep 28, 7pm
Sep 29, 2pm

New York

Deutsches Konsulat

June 18, 6pm: Deutsches Konsulat, New York

Reading, PA


Kutztown Folkfestival



June 30, 7:00pm


German Society

June 29 – 03:00 pm

Staunton, Virginia

Frontier Culture Museum

June 25 (time will be published)


German Heritage Foundation

June 21, 6:30pm

Clark NJ

German Club

June 20, 6:30pm